Why (Or Why Not) ME?

Life is full of mysteries. Everywhere we look we see things we don’t understand and don’t really think about. The wonders of God’s creation are magnificent examples. Even though man’s knowledge has increased exponentially in the last few decades, the list of unknowns is endless. Many of the things we do know seem so incredible as to be almost unbelievable. The complexities are astounding. These questions focus on the mysteries of science and our physical world.
What about the mysteries of human behavior? We have all been mystified by what one person has done or said to another. What was he/she thinking? How could they have acted that way? In some situations, we may not really care or even avoid understanding. Depending on our outlook, we may be able to accept that it’s just the way life is. For the very curious it can be a quest for discovery. For others it can be a haunting and never-ending search for peace.
Survivors of war or disaster are often gripped with the question of why they made it through and others did not. They may even believe they are the undeserving one and others would have better served the world if they had lived. Along with that can come a sense of guilt and meaninglessness. It could have or even should have been me that was lost.
When we think about poverty and the people facing it, do we try to consider their situation from their perspective or from our own? Do we see others through our own lens of judgement or through a relationship of understanding that sees both views? In my experience I have come to know people in poverty and difficult situations who are smarter, more motivated and spiritually stronger, and do greater things than I do, despite their situation. For those who are not as strong and suffer greatly, I am saddened and reminded of the expression “There but for the grace of God go I”.