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Open Table Commitment

  • Come and serve with a servant’s heart, “to serve him with all your heart and all your soul." Joshua 22:5
  • “Faithfully administering God’s grace.” 1 Peter 4:11
  • Don’t try to predetermine what your role/value will be on a table - it will likely be quite different than what you might think it will be.


  • Pre-Launch
    • Organizing Meeting: 1-2 hours
    • Training: 6-8 hours
    • Backgrounding: 1-2 people for 1-2 hours each
  • Launch
    • Breaking of the Bread: 2-3 hours
    • Life Story: 1-2 hours
    • Life Plan: 1-2 hours
  • After Launch
    • Weekly Meetings: 1 hour
    • Weekly Projects: average 1 hour per week
    • Communication: using collaborative website
    • Pray for table needs
Time Span:
  • Weekly meetings: 12 months
  • Individual Table Member Payment: $120.00 + $5.00 handling fee
  • Check payable to Community Connected
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Open Table Membership Application

How Brothers and Sisters Benefit:

  • 95% report they are optimistic about their future ability to be self-supporting
  • 88% had a better job, were in a college or technical school after the table experience
  • All graduates able to access a network of natural supports to deal with crisis
  • 90% become a table member to help others move out of poverty

How Table Members Benefit:

  • 66% used their community and faith connections to assist the Brother or Sister in meeting their goals
  • 75% felt they experienced personal transformation
  • 87% said their faith was deepened through the experience
  • 85% talked about their positive experience to friends and community members
  • All said they gained valuable knowledge about the nature of poverty and changed their preconceived notions about poverty
  • Recognize that spiritual poverty occurs when we do not believe that our Sister/Brother experiencing poverty have anything of value to offer us

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Partnering with Community Connected

Our partners are change-makers in the community! They put their money to work and they’re not afraid of taking risks to create impact. They share our belief that every individual, not just some, deserve the right to live with dignity, not dependence. Our partners are the individuals, churches, corporations, and institutions who provide the financial and human capital that allow us to take on our community's greatest challenges.

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